Welcome to the Emmaus Community

The Emmaus Community provides long term INDEPENDENT community living for people of adult age who live with Mental Health issues.


Emmaus is located in Perth, Western Australia.


The journey of Emmaus began in 1996 and has grown into a large supportive community of 50 people who now call Emmaus home.

There are over 150 non-residential members and their families who also form an integral part of the Emmaus Community sharing with each other the highs and lows of living daily with mental health issues.

Emmaus has many volunteers and several paid staff who provide a safe, secure and friendly home for the Community Members.

Emmaus was founded by Br AL Archer in 1996 and AL works and lives in the Emmaus Community full time.


Emmaus Celebrated it’s 21st Birthday in 2017

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Emmaus is a Registered Australian Not for Profit Charity

ABN 60 850 895 169

Charitable Collections License CC2090