The Emmaus Journey

Sharing our Lives

In the beginning ….

On the 13th of October 1991 during a visit to the Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy in Penrose Park, Alan Archer (AL) dedicated himself to God and to the service of others.


AL started volunteering at The Matthew Talbot Hostel in Kings Cross, Sydney, at that time it was a 500 bed hostel for homeless men and he would eventually serve as the Night Supervisor & Pastoral Carer for more than five years.


AL said, “Let me tell you, this is where I truly witnessed God at work, there with the homeless, the addicted, amongst the rejected of society … this is where violence, sadness and miracles happened every day”.


In late 1995, AL moved to Perth (Western Australia) to be with and to help his brother and his young family.   Soon after, AL was appointed manager of St Bartholomew’s new Crisis Care Unit near Bentley (about 10kms south east of Perth), which provided emergency and short-term accommodation for people with mental health issues.

Emmaus is formed in 1996

The formation of Emmaus …..


AL met and befriended so many people battling mental illness during this time.   Many people were reaching out for help but there was never enough beds to go around. These people shared (with Al) their collective experiences of homelessness, addiction, suffering, violence, of feeling alone and being lonely.

AL’s vision was to provide long term accommodation for adults with mental health issues, where people could live independently, with support and assistance, whilst sharing the same journey.

So … in 1996 the spiritual journey of Emmaus began and in 2000, AL sold a property that he personally owned and from the proceeds, bought a modest house in Queens Park, Western Australia (about 12kms south east of Perth)..

Br AL is the Founder of The Emmaus Community and works and lives in the Community.


This became the first home and foundation of the Emmaus Community.