The Residential Program

Not a hostel, not a Crisis Unit, a real Home!

Emmaus Today …..

Emmaus Community today has grown significantly since it’s original formation in 1996.

Fifty (50) Community Members reside in one of ten (10) residential properties.

Community Members live INDEPENDENTLY and also help to support each other.

It is a wonderful caring environment where all Community members are treated with dignity and respect.


Some General Administrative Information …..

Emmaus is a registered Charity and provides long-term independent community based living for adults with mental health issues.

The Emmaus Community Operates independently but works very closely with the Public Mental Health Services and other relevant service providers.

The Community Members live together, support each other and take care of one another.

Emmaus charges a lodging fee which provides accommodation and utilities (such as electricity, gas, rates, water etc). Rates are reviewed in April each year and any changes take effect from 1st May each year.

Members live in a community setting.   There are currently 10 residential homes located close to each other.   Each home includes a kitchen, well equipped individual bedrooms, bathrooms, lounge with television and alfresco areas.

Onsite facilities also include free wireless internet and free landline phones.

Community Members cook for themselves.   Emmaus also provides beautiful nutritious and healthy meals whenever needed.

Emmaus Community Members are aged 18-86 years.

The Community produces prayer and music that is sold worldwide.  One album (“Keep Your Head”) has been written and performed by the Community Members (with all artwork produced by artists within the Community).   The music is now available free from our website.