A Place to Call Home

A documentary produced by Think Films for ABC Compass aired in April 2020, to an audience of 540,000 people Australia-wide, making it one of the highest-rating episodes of the season.

The Emmaus Community difference

Our unique social housing model offers a safe and supportive long-term community for those who call Emmaus home. As a community, we share meals and regular events – there is always a friendly shoulder to lean on.

Having a home is the most important thing in anybody’s life and we know the positive impact this has on those who live with us in our community. This impact extends to the wider community and the state.

I think the Emmaus model is exceptional and very successful”.

Dr Alex Jaworska
Medical Co-Director
Mental Health Division Royal Perth Hospital

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Meet our founder - Brother Al

Leaving the bright lights of the LA entertainment business, Al returned to Australia inspired to help those in need, establishing Emmaus Community in 1996.

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The Emmaus Community Logo was created and designed by world renowned artist Claudia Fitzpatrick.

Claudia is a multidimensional visual storyteller and a veteran Hollywood artist with over 30 years experience in the movie industry. She has co-created art for some of the most iconic Hollywood movie art campaigns, for international advertising campaigns and conceptual fine art. In recent years, she has moved from being an artistic collaborator to developing her own unique visual language and creating solo artworks.

In this image the sea represents the torrid journey of our lives, and the translucent specks are the myriad of souls looking upward into the light.

Known for her magical photographic paintings, Claudia seamlessly blends artistry with technical expertise and craftsmanship. Throughout her career, she has been a trailblazing pioneer in the integration of art and technology. Her current practice utilizes traditional artistic tools such as original photography, illustration and painting, which she then expands into the digital environment to combine the elements and manipulate the image with colour and lighting effects.

Raising money for our community

Emmaus Community is built upon the generosity of our friends. We appreciate every in-kind gesture and dollar we receive. To continue helping the disadvantaged and expand our work, we have fundraising targets in place to help achieve our goals.

Tax-deductible donations can be made as a one-off gift, or on a recurring basis.

Current appeals

New Homes

To provide more accommodation for people in need, we plan to construct two houses.


To facilitate transport for community members, we plan to purchase a 7seater vehicle.

Wills & Bequests

Help Emmaus continue to support the community by leaving a gift in your Will.

Help Emmaus continue to support our community by making a donation today!

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A Place to Call Home

Our story is told in the documentary, “A Place to Call Home,” broadcast on the ABC in 2020. Offering an intimate and heartfelt insight into our unique community, the feature shows Al’s journey as he was led to build Emmaus Community.

At Emmaus, our community is at the forefront of everything we do. We’d love your help to share the story of Emmaus Community by holding a film screening fundraiser. You can have as little or as many people as you like! To help you, we’ve crafted an Emmaus Fundraiser Screening Kit. This is a great opportunity for you and your community to come together and hear the Emmaus story while supporting our work.

People of Emmaus


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