Our Vision

An end to isolation and homelessness for those living with mental health challenges.

Our Mission

To provide long term independent community living for people of adult age who live with mental health issues and to do so in Truth and Love.

To provide a community environment of love and respect, nurturing and acceptance where people with mental health challenges can live their best lives possible. In doing so, to have a positive and long-lasting impact on Western Australia’s mental health system by reducing hospital visits and dependence on the health system.

“Every Soul created by God deserves to Love and Be Loved, to be Respected and to be Taken Seriously.”

Brother Al

Our Values

Our core values guide us in achieving our mission as we journey together with everyone in our community:

Respect for all

We value and celebrate the worth and dignity of each person.


We recognise that each person is travelling on their individual journey and we accept and nurture each person’s path at all stages of their journey.

Welcome with love

We embrace and welcome all those who are part of our community and provide a loving place that can be warmly called home.


We raise awareness of mental ill-health, for the need for more inclusive communities and a more tolerant society that leaves no one behind.

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